Services to Innovate Your Business

Services to Innovate your business. I offer a range of different services to help your business innovate. Get a free meeting or send an email if you have any questions.

Silwerlof - Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Analyze your company such as working methods, products, customers, sales, etc. to be able to help you create new opportunities.
I help you answer and analyze the questions that concern your company and present ideas and suggestions on how we can solve the problems.

Silwerlof - Business Innovation

Business Development

Develop your company's strategies and structures.
Help you develop the solutions and ideas we have developed and implement them in your company.

Silwerlof - Service Innovation

Service Innovation

Help you to have the opportunity to develop and create new services within your company to make you grow.
With your expertise in what you do, I will help you develop new services that you can pass on to make your company grow further.

Silwerlof - Product Innovation

Product Innovation

Help you have the opportunity to create new products that your company can resell. Use your expertise in what you already know to develop new products that you can resell.
I can also test existing products to find opportunities for improvement.

Silwerlof - Workflow Innovation

Workflow Innovation

Help you create new ways of working, strategies and structures to save your company time, money and health.
Do not work harder but smarter!

Games System Development Computer

Game System Development

Help you test your game to give you feedback and analysis as well as concrete proposal for improvements and alternative solutions.
I Have experience of testing and giving feedback on both mobile games and computer games from different manufacturers.


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1. Free first meeting

Contact me by the website, phone or email and we will book a meeting via Google Meets.

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2. Free analysis

After that, I develop a concrete proposal that can be implemented in your company.

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3. Implementation

If you choose to proceed with my proposal, we will plan the implementation in detail and set up a strategy.

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Since the meeting, analysis and proposal are always free, you have nothing to lose. Press the button to get started.

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How much do you charge?

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I always want a dialogue with the customer about what it would be worth for the company to get help.
To fulfill their desires, get past obstacles and solve the problems they have today.
Based on this, we set a quick price.
Sometimes it can be difficult to say an exact price and in those cases I charge 800 SEK / hour.

How long does a project take?

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It is very different depending on what type of assignment it is, but we always have a dialogue and set up schedules together.

How do you know I'm the right person for the job?

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You can never know, just like with everything else, therefore I offer a free meeting, analysis and proposals for you to get an idea and a feeling if I am the right person for you.

When can we start the project?

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It depends on how much I have at the moment, but I am very flexible as a person and quick to answer, so just throw away an email or call if you have any questions.

Which companies do I help?

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I help all companies regardless of industry or size, such as carpenters, game developers, training facilities, car dealers, etc.